• Shipment

    Orders are shipped and tracked via USPS. Once your order ships, the quality of delivery is dependant on the postal service. All orders have standard tracking and insurance.

  • Find My Order

    You do not qualify for credit or replacemnt if your order is delayed but still in trasnit. If you are having trouble locating oyur order, please go to your local post office with your tracking number for futher assistance.

  • Lost & Damaged

    If your order arrived damaged or was lost in transit, you may receive replacements for all damaged or lost items free of charge if there is proven damage to your item(s)* or the order cannot be located.

  • Free Replacemnet

    You may recieve a replavement item for approved damae or loss claims. Please allow up to 72 hours after your claim is approved for the free reshipment of your item(s).

  • Out of Stock

    If the requested item is temporarily out of stock, you can choose to wait for the item(s) to come back in stock if applicable. The item(s) will be sent to you free of charge once back in stock. 

  • Store Credit

    If the requested item is permanantly out of stock, you may receive store credit equal to the cost of the item(s) affected, exclusing neccesary fees. Please see Exchange & Credit for more details.

For sanitary reaons, we do not accept returns. We will happily accept exchanges, issue credit, or reship a replacement item for qualifying purchases if you are unhappy with your order.

You do not qualify for replacement or credit if your order is delayed, but still in transit. Please see Shipping & Returns for more information.

Shipping & Returns

If you ordered the wrong size, vairent, or are otherwise unhappy with the item(s) you receevd, we can offer up to 90% reinbusment through store credit.

If your order was confirmed lost or damaged in transit, and your requested item is permantently out of stock, you may recieve store credit instead.

Exchange & Credit
  • Submit Claim


    Please share full details regarding your order and request for our team to review and evaluate your claim. We hold the right to deny damage or loss claims for any reason.

  • Disclaimer

    *Item(s) must have been damaged in transit or upon delivery to qualify.

    We do not issue refunds under any circumstances. All sales are final.

    By purchasing an order on saturndawn.com, you agree to our Term of Service, Privacy Policy, and understand that we do not accept returns or issue refunds.

    Items damaged or lost in transit hold USPS as the responsilbe party. These items do not qualify for the 90-day gaurantee.