Please Allow Up To 7 Business Days For Your Order To Arrive. 

  • Carrier Information | USPS

    First-Class Mail: 1-5 Days

    Overnight: Next Business Day

    Domestic Orders (USA) Only

  • Processing & Handling

    12-24 Hours (Mon-Sat)

    Order Tracking: Yes

    Order Insurance: Up To $50

For sanitary reaons, we do not accept returns. We can only issue credit for items that are otherwise unwearable or unusable. Please see exchange and credit for details.

If you ordered the wrong size, vairent, or are otherwise unhappy with the item(s) you receevd, we can offer up to 90% reinbusment through store credit.

Exchange & Credit

You do not qualify for replacement or credit if your order is delayed, but still in transit. Please see Tracking & Delivery for more details regarding free replacements if your order is confirmed lost or damaged.

Tracking & Delivery
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